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The Munich Econometrics Group within the departments of LMU and TUM aims to foster collaboration and innovation in econometrics research. We strive to facilitate, maintain, and strengthen connections between German-based and international researchers. The group serves as a dynamic hub for economists, econometricians, and statisticians from Munich and beyond. We invite all those interested in econometrics to join us in our efforts to create a vibrant, collaborative research community.

Our weekly seminar series provides a platform for external speakers to present their recent advancements in both theoretical and applied econometrics.
The highlight of our yearly activities is the annual workshop, which brings together leading econometricians from around the globe. This event is designed to foster an intensive exchange of ideas and collaboration on the latest research developments in econometrics.
We organize an Econometrics reading group during weeks without a scheduled seminar at the same time and place. This group provides a space for in-depth discussions of significant econometrics literature and recent advancements in the field. If you are interested in joining, please sign up here.

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