Munich Econometrics Workshop 2023

This two-day event will feature presentations on recent advances in econometrics.

From 6 - 7 July 2023

Schloss Fürstenried, Munich

Event Schedule

This two-day event will feature presentations on the recent advances of econometrics. Attendance is free, but registration at will be required.

6th of July

Start of conference

Start with lunch, then half day of lectures, then conference lunch at the Fürstenrieder Schwaige (
7th of July​

Full day of lectures

Full day of lectures, dinner tbd (maybe in town or catering at the castle).
8th of July

Excursion to the mountains/lake tbd

Confirmed Speakers:

Tim Christensen

University College London

Jean-Jacques Forneron

Boston University

Florian Gunsilius

University of Michigan

Martin Huber

University of Fribourg

Ulrich Müller

Princeton University

Andres Santos


Kaspar Wüthrich


Konrad Menzel


Vira Semenova

UC Berkeley

Azeem Shaikh

University of Chicago

Liyang Sun


Organising Comittee

This conference is organized by Helmut Farbmacher (TU Munich), Daniel Wilhelm (LMU Munich, UCL, CeMMAP), and Joachim Winter (LMU Munich).


Schloss Fürstenried, Munich